Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life Adventure Center Wounded Warrior Hunt

I met Byron of the Life Adventure Center on a webinar today - check out the great work he and his team are doing!

Webinar - Returning Warriors: Using Outdoor Recreation for Restoration & Resilience

A recent presentation of the Department of Defense/ Department of Agriculture partnership's  Military Families Learning Network  Family Transitions concentration area described the benefits of using nature contact/outdoor recreation with Service members. These benefits are becoming well documented, including contemplative, recreational, and hands-on habitat restoration activities. This webinar was designed to help military service providers identify the value of  transitioning service members’ participation in outdoor recreation;  analyze research related to using outdoor recreation; become familiar with formal and informal opportunities; and prepare to refer Service members to  recreational/outdoor opportunities.

For more information, see the Cooperative Extension System LearnEvent here, or explore the powerpoint below,