Saturday, November 30, 2013

Combat wounded veterans replant coral fragments

It was a FIRST for five wounded Army Special Forces soldiers as they helped MOTE Marine Laboratory break a single-day record for replanting Staghorn coral fragments.During their SCUBA event with the Special Forces Underwater Operations School at Trumbo Point, Key West, the veterans tested new prosthetic devices that allow amputees to better use fins and to better accommodate swimming and diving.More on this challenge can be located at the following link : Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge - Key West Citizen

Monday, November 25, 2013

Veterans turn to climbing to heal

Invisible Wounds: Veterans turn to climbing to heal | Climbing

“Being outside, whether climbing, mountaineering, or just hiking, gets you out of your head,” says Bare, a former captain in the Army. “For me, this was a way to ease my frustration and boredom with civilian society. The way the war has impacted me is constantly evolving. I’m not cured and might never be. But the wilderness showed me where I was broken and slowly started stitching my body and mind back together. Most guys and gals need this, whether they admit it or not.”